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What to Do if You’ve Been Charged with Distracted Driving

With more and more people using cell phones on a regular basis and the rise of a “continuously connected” society, distracted driving has become a more prevalent issue.

In Alberta, distracted driving can result in a fine of $250.00 or more, and at least three demerits being deducted. Depending on the severity of danger involved, your charge could be increased to “careless driving” – a substantial offense.

When most of us hear the term “distracted driving,” we automatically think of texting, since many awareness campaigns and marketing efforts have emphasized the danger of this activity while driving. But texting is merely one of many ways a person can be charged. For example: viewing display screens on laptops, DVD players, and tablets are illegal as well. So is using music-playing entertainment devices such as iPods or other portable MP3 players while driving.

But would you be surprised to know that distracted driving doesn’t have to include an electronic device? That’s right. Applying makeup while driving, eating food, reading books or maps, and turning around to speak to passengers in the back of your vehicle can all count as distracted driving.

If you have been charged with distracted driving, many factors should be analyzed as a part of your defense. The onus is on the court to prove that you were in fact distracted at the time you were pulled over and given the ticket. They may try to use your cell phone records to prove there was activity at the time you were stopped, or they may have dash-cam footage of you drifting into other lanes. Either way, you will want an experienced law professional to determine where the weak points are in your case and to represent you with competency and skill.

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