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Are Your Stilettos Illegal? Suprising Laws From Around The World!

Looking for some fun in the sun this summer? Better double check to make sure your kind of fun is still legal.


We’ve all heard the phrase, “this is so fun it should be illegal”—maybe you’ve even used the phrase once or twice yourself—but what if that super fun summer activity really is illegal? Here are three summer activities you should probably avoid this summer, especially if you didn’t even know they were illegal.


Are you going to wear that?


There are a number of activities that are, in fact, legal—just as long as you mind your dress code while doing it. Of course, there are some areas of the world where rigid dress codes (particularly for women) are to be expected, but the whole burkini debate may have nothing on some of the more unexpected dress code laws out there. You might want to double check the laws of your vacation destination—or even your home town before you head out on the town this summer; the restrictions might surprise you.


For instance, in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan (according to 2013 regulations), lacy lingerie is banned—unless it contains at least 6 per cent cotton. If your travel plans include these locations, you’d better double check the tags on those undies. But that isn’t the weirdest dress code law out there. In Illinois, Alabama, and Louisiana, it is illegal to wear sagging pants that reveal too much skin or underwear (that trend is a bit outdated anyway, but in case you were planning to bring back the late  90s, you might want to avoid vacationing in those states). In Carmel, California, it is illegal to wear stilettos—or any heels over two inches in height—without first obtaining a permit, and Instagrammers and Snap Chatters beware: if you post a photo of yourself that reveals a hint of underboob in Thailand, you can land yourself up to five years in prison.


How’s the TV programming near you?


For those of you who would rather avoid all the travel and tourism and stay home watching TV, you may find the dress code restrictions a bit more relaxed, but you still might not be out of the hot water when it comes to the law. For instance, did you know that it is actually illegal to watch Doctor Who in China—or any program that features time travel, for that matter—so if you are planning a trip to see the pandas this summer, you’d better be sure to double check what you have queued up on your playlist.


The penny drops


Who doesn’t remember scrounging about in the couch cushions as a kid, searching for any loose change possible so you could walk to the store to get an ice cream bar, Mr. Freeze, or a chocolate bar? Well, we’ve gotten a bit far from the penny candies of old, and that means you need to start watching how much change you scrounge for. In Canada, it is actually illegal to pay using too much change. It’s against the law to pay using more than 25 pennies, 100 nickels or dimes, or 20 toonies. So the next time you are stuck in line at Tim’s behind some little old lady who has decided to dump out her coin collection to pay for her Double Double, her breakfast bagel, her 50 pack of Tim Bits, and her dozen donuts, you could actually turn her over to the fuzz for it.