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3 Skills All Great Divorce Lawyers Have

Finding a divorce lawyer who sees your case as a priority and who will put in the extra effort to make the process easier on you and your family isn’t always easy. Divorce is stressful and takes a significant toll on both parties, so the last thing you want is a lawyer that adds to that stress rather than reducing it.

Yet, many people do have negative experiences with their divorce lawyers. So, what things can you look for to increase your chances of a beneficial working relationship with your attorney?

We’ve put together a list of three skills your divorce lawyer should have that will lead to a more cohesive dynamic.

1. Time management and availability

A good lawyer of any kind knows that being there during the major points of your case is essential. They will make themselves available to answer your questions, provide you with advice, and clarify their strategy when you are feeling out of the loop. They won’t reschedule time after time or have you playing phone tag for weeks. It’s a given that you won’t be your lawyer’s only client, but a great divorce lawyer will still find a way to give your case the attention it needs despite a heavy workload.

2. Poise under pressure

There is rarely a divorce that doesn’t come with some surprises. A quality attorney knows how to handle being thrown a curve ball, and always leaves you feeling confident in their ability to represent you well during the tough times as well as the good. If you start to notice that your lawyer cracks under pressure, or displays unprofessional behavior when frazzled, you may want to look into taking your case to another firm. One wrong move in a court of law can change the entire outcome of your case. You want someone who can navigate every situation with a clear head and a calm demeanor.

3. Understands preparation is half the battle

Long before you stand before a judge, your case has to be built and solidified. One sign of an expert divorce lawyer is seeing this stage of the game as equally (if not more) important than arguing your case in court. If your lawyer goes through your case with a fine-tooth comb, asks you questions in great detail, and doesn’t pass all the paperwork off to their paralegal or assistant, then you know you’ve found someone who is going to represent you thoroughly and accurately.

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