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Family Law

Divorce, Separation, or child custody and support arrangements can be a stressful and emotional time. Click here for more information on how our team of Family Law lawyers can assist you.

Impaired Driving
& Criminal Charges

If you have been charged with Impaired Driving or other Criminal Offences, our experienced Criminal Defence lawyer can help you make the right choices for your situation. Contact us to set up a free consultation, or click here for more information.

Areas of Law

Our general practice firm also deals with Residential Real Estate Transactions, Wills and Estates, Corporate Law, Commercial Purchases/Sales and Civil Litigation.

Welcome to McGlashan & Mackinnon

McGlashan & Mackinnon is a full service law firm dedicated to the ethical, effective, and efficient practice of law to serve the best interests of our clients.  McGlashan & Mackinnon was formed on July 16, 2001 and has served Northern and Central Alberta with pride ever since, including Edmonton, Fort McMurray and more.
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Your Future Depends on a Great Defense

When you are charged with a crime, there are a wide range of outcomes that can happen. Your defense lawyer is your key to making sure you experience the best possible one. Making the right choice is essential.

At McGlashan and MacKinnon, our experienced and qualified defense attorneys know what it takes to get you justice. They will aggressively and effectively represent you in a court of law, presenting powerful evidence and negotiating with expertise. Your case will be in the hands of capable professionals.

No matter the severity of your crime, we will work to reduce your sentence, lessen the impact, and ensure you are able to move forward with your life. We understand that accidents happen, and that one mistake shouldn’t haunt you for the rest of your life.

Don’t risk your future. Choose McGlashan and MacKinnon as your criminal defense lawyers.

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